Summer Camp: Choose Your Child’s Summer Adventure with Minnehaha Academy

Our partners at Minnehaha Academy are here to tell you all about their awesome summer camps! We know you can find the perfect fit for you and for your child with their wide variety of program options and flexible schedules. Read more how your child can learn and grow this summer while exploring their interests!

Minnehaha Summer Camps | Twin Cities Moms Blog

When you were a kid, what did you love best about summer? Was it splashing in the pool with your friends? Countless hours spent working on art projects or crafts? Playing soccer or baseball outside in the sunshine?

Summer days spent with friends trying out a variety of activities and exploring interests are a part of what makes being a kid so special. The brief window of time from June to August is unique for children to stretch their imaginations and gain confidence with a newly discovered talent, without pressure from grades or a rigid schedule.

At Minnehaha Academy, we know how important summer is for kids. That’s why we created Summer Programs for kids PreK to grade 12. It’s the best of what summer has to offer and what great summer memories are made of.

Minnehaha Summer Camps | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Top 3 Tips When Looking for a Camp for Your Child

There are so many options for summer fun, how do you know what is best for your child?

1. Schedules, schedules, schedules!

While summertime is often a break from the more rigid scheduling during a school year, think about what your needs are for care for your child. Will your child need supervision for a full day, five days a week? Or is his or her schedule more flexible? Will you be taking a long vacation over the summer months? These are all factors that will help you decide what camp program is right for your family. Minnehaha Academy offers a multitude of options from one week camp programs to half-day camps to full time, full summer options.

2. Location is everything.

When you envision your perfect summer, it probably doesn’t involve a lot of time behind the wheel. Selecting a camp that is close to your home or work minimizes drive time through rush hour traffic and road construction. Camps often take advantage of their location and, if they are near great natural surroundings, kids often get to be outside exploring the environment. Many of the camp programs at Minnehaha take advantage of the neighborhood offerings. Biking to museums and parks, fishing at the nearby lakes, or collecting insects on nearby trails are all in a day’s fun for kids at Camp Minnehaha.

3. Customize your child’s summer adventure.

Summer is a fantastic time for your child to dive into what he or she loves. It’s also a great opportunity to encourage your child to try something new. Look for camps that offer activities that you know your child will have a blast doing. Then, consider a few programs that might expand your child’s interest into an unexplored area.

Is your child a budding artist? Perhaps he or she can’t stop creating with Lego robotics or enjoys a good game of soccer. Minnehaha offers the tried and true favorites during the summer months.

Something a little more out of the ordinary might spark your child’s interest. If you are looking for something different for your child, consider a week spent fishing with a teacher and Bass pro, learning how to fence from the Minnesota Sword Club, or making video games similar to Sonic or Mario.

Minnehaha Summer Camps | Twin Cities Moms Blog

The warmer weather has us ready for lots of summer fun, and we hope you are too! We want to make sure your child has great memories of summer, and can help you find the perfect fit for your child this summer. All of our summer camp options provide safe adventure for your child surrounded by caring and encouraging adults.

Ready to learn more? Check out our summer camp online guide or give us a call at 612-728-7745. Summer adventure awaits!

Minnehaha Summer Camps | Twin Cities Moms Blog

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