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Disclosure: We have partnered with WeHaKee Camp for Girls to tell you all about their incredible summer camp. Read about how the girls in your life can enjoy a unique experience they will never forget!

Camp WeHaKee | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Many organizations have a mission statement that may guide them as they make decisions impacting how that organization goes about doing its day-to-day business. Others may have an implied vision that helps set the criteria for success. And nearly all have a set of goals, acknowledged or not, that sets the groundwork for the culture that permeates the organization’s activities. Please join us to see how we embrace and put these into practice at WeHaKee Camp for Girls in Winter, Wisconsin to help ensure your daughter has a chance to reach her potential at camp each summer!

Over a decade ago, the WeHaKee Board and Directors decided to explore the implicit mission, vision and values that has been the driving force the camp for over four generations. They wanted to find a way to articulate what it is that has led to the camp’s success year after year since 1923. Through contemplations, presentations, discussions, and even respectful disagreements, they crafted a set of statements that they ultimately agreed captured the essence of the WeHaKee experience. Although they were written in 2006, the Mission, Vision and Values of Camp WeHaKee simply put into words what has been integrated into life at our camp for decades.

Camp WeHaKee | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Founded in the tradition of the Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters, WeHaKee Camp for Girls is a place of fun and play where a girl’s journey strengthens her relationship with God, self, others and nature.

A WeHaKee girl is inspired to become a woman whose life embraces the values of community, compassion, justice, truth and peace.

COMMUNITY: Relationships built on respect   
COMPASSION: Relationships that care for each individual   
JUSTICE: Relationships that recognize the dignity and uniqueness in all God’s creatures   
TRUTH: Relationships that embrace honesty   
PEACE: Relationships that create an environment Blessed by God

Cumulatively and surprisingly, this all leads to our core belief: AT THE HEART OF WEHAKEE IS RELATIONSHIP!

Camp WeHaKee | Twin Cities Moms Blog

At WeHaKee, our Mission, Vision and Values are not simply relegated to obscurity in our Annual Report or other mundane documentation. It is a living and breathing set of guiding principles that are truly what WeHaKee is all about. All that we do is filtered through these beliefs to ensure we are providing the unique and powerful (and not to mention FUNexperience that is WeHaKee Camp for Girls!

Learn more today and sign-up for summer camp at WeHaKeeCampForGirls.com!

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