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You Are Strong

Why it happens, I still will never understand. The pain, the grief of life, the things that aren’t supposed to happen. These things hit you, and they come out of nowhere and swallow you up in big waves. You spend days, weeks, months and sometimes years struggling through, hurting just to breath, wanting to rise […]

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I Need Them

Last night my husband peeked his head into our bedroom door, where I have been hiding out for days, desperately trying to finish a project that’s deadline was looming. Life up to that point had been chaotic and rushed. Filled with deadlines, drop offs, weekend shoots, days editing, helping with homework, making lunches and dinner, […]

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Mothers' Day with Two Moms (2)

Mothers’ Day with Two Moms

In our family, every day is a day to high-five an awesome mother. There are two of us after all. So when the official holiday comes around, it is really a celebration of our family, not of an individual. It becomes Mothers‘ Day in our family and here’s what we did this year. We like to be […]

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For the Mamas Who Lost Their Babies: You are still a Mother

I wish when my husband and I got married 3 years ago, someone had told me that starting and growing a family can be an incredibly difficult and painful journey. Instead, I felt incredibly ill-prepared for the journey we embarked on last year. In July of 2013, we discovered, unexpectedly, that I was pregnant; although […]

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Mom in the Making

It was late 2011, and I was coming down from the most amazing year of my life. It was the year I married my best friend on my family’s farm, surrounded by 300 of our friends and family. Jesse is my complete opposite, and hands down, the coolest person I’ve ever met. The best decision […]

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