New Support Group for Twin Cities Teen Moms

One of our biggest goals is for you to always find community within our resources. No mother should have to go it alone, and all moms need support, which is why we offer you support in your area with our Neighborhood Groups, where you can connect with moms right in your own backyard. We also have Community Groups, allowing you to connect with moms in similar life journeys as your own, whether that be your life as a working mom, as a stay at home mom, as a single mom, even a group for Dads.

We’re excited to be announcing a new partnership with Emerge Mothers Academy in support of Teen Moms, and a new community group in support of that. This is a group for current and former teen moms alike. We would love to support these young moms by providing this group, but those that have walked the same road have wisdom that will be an invaluable resource.


Emerge Mothers Academy (“EMA”), is a local 501(c)3 non-profit organization providing parenting support, education, and job placement services to single mothers in the Twin Cities metro and surrounding areas.  Their heart and mission is for constructive parenting, and giving extra support to single moms and teen moms!

EMA was established in 2012 to help change the lives of impoverished, underemployed and sometimes over-looked families. Those headed by single mothers.  EMA began providing direct services to single moms in 2013.  Since that time, they have contracted a Licensed Clinical Social Worker to help EMA’s director and are now able to provide both life skills, parenting education, job readiness training and mental health services.  To date, EMA has interacted with 253 families and 107 women have been engaged in one or more of the aforementioned EMA programs. In 2015, they expanded their services to include their Work-Prep Center, which assists single moms in overcoming the barriers to obtaining meaningful employment and launching successful careers.

Here’s just one story of success out of Emerge Mothers Academy:
In 2014, “T” found herself alone with her newborn as the baby’s father had up and disappeared.  “T” looked to friends for help and found a basement in which to reside.  She was at an all time low.  She needed support, guidance, a place to live, and a job!  EMA was a part of serving each of those needs for her.  EMA welcomed her into their parenting groups and worked with her through job readiness training.  They connected her to gainful employment and prepared her for the interview.  She got the job and has been there for over a year!  “T” is renting a home of her own, and is working in the construction industry.  

Currently, the majority of EMA services are provided in homes and inside of Hope Academy, in South Minneapolis.  Their 2016 goal is to expand the program to a second location where they will provide services to a broader client base. We are honored to be partnering with such a fantastic community service and know they will be a great resource to the moms engaging in the new Teen Mom Community Group.

You can join this group HERE. If you know of a teen mom that could use this support group, or a former teen mom that would be able to help provide support to these new moms, we’d so appreciate you sharing this information with them.

Twin Cities Teen Moms Support Group | Twin Cities Moms Blog & Emerge Mother's Academy

Twin Cities Teen Moms Community Group by TCMB in partnership with Emerge Mother’s Academy

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