The Mom Purse: What’s Really Inside?

The Mom Purse: What’s Really Inside? | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Have you ever been with a group of people and somebody randomly asks the group if anyone has a band aid in their purse? Roughly 100% of the time a mom responds with, “Yeah…I have one of those. Let me find it in my purse.” The item doesn’t need to be a band aid. It may be a fingernail clipper (eww…don’t share those) or a hair binder or batteries. Honestly – the mom purse is a bottomless satchel of life resources.

I have a 16-month old son, and he is massively intrigued by my purse. If I leave said purse on the floor after work, he is drawn to it’s magnetic power and feels the need to empty it’s contents on the floor. (He’s particularly infatuated by my wallet…I’m worried he’s secretly online shopping from his crib in the middle of the night.)

Given the fact that I’ve officially been a mom for over a year, I have likely built up the contents of my mom purse. I thought it would be a fun exercise to dump my purse on the floor and discover what I’ve been carrying around…and hopefully you’ll laugh along with me (and please, no judging).

Items Found Inside My Mom Purse (100% true life – I just grabbed it off the kitchen floor)
• One pair of adult tennis shoes – kind of a ridiculous way to start…a very large item that had to be removed first in order to discover anything else below
• Umbrella – always prepared for rain
• One pack of gum with exactly one piece of gum remaining
• 15 empty gum wrappers (apparently my purse doubles as a trash bag)
• One pair of very wobbly sunglasses – and one sidebar of an old pair of sunglasses that died at the hands of my toddler
• A medicine cabinet’s contents – Ibuprofen, Benadryl, Tums, inhaler, probiotic, eye drops, throat soothing tea
• 5 types of lipstick – you never know what shade you’ll need
• Nail file – if you saw my fingers, you’d notice that the file hasn’t been used…
• 2016 calendar – full transparency, I love a good paper calendar. I know it’s large & takes up space.
• 4 snack bars – 2 for me; 2 for baby – because we get #hangry
• 3 anniversary cards – I do not have 3 husbands and my husband does not get me 3 cards. My mom and my grandma each send us anniversary cards.
• Also, a Mother’s Day card.
• 11 tampons – because you just never know
• A pack of thank you cards…that I should send to previously mentioned card senders.
• Programs from the last three Sunday’s at church
• A mouse for my work laptop
• Loads of those receipt coupons you get at Target…and rarely use because they’re stuck at the bottom of your purse
• 8 bobby pins
• And last but not least…last month’s daycare receipt…because who wants to see that painful ‘total amount paid’ fun fact anyway!

So there you have it – that is literally everything I carry around with me So if anyone happens to holler, “Hey…does anyone have a spare thank you card?” – I got you covered.

Does this match up with what is in your purse? Have you ever found anything surprising when going through your purse? I’d love to hear about it!

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