Why We Hope You Don’t Agree with All of Our Articles

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Wait…what? Did you read that title right? Yes, you did. We hope you don’t love every last one of our articles.

Not often, but every once in a while, when we link to our articles on our Facebook page, a reader gets frustrated at us that we’d share the perspective we did, because they strongly disagree with that. What we’d really love for you to know, is that as long as you’re respectful to other readers in the TCMB community, we not only think that’s completely fine, we think it’s a good thing.

Our writers are local moms, just like you, and they are all very different. Their perspectives on motherhood run the gamut, and while we, as a team, don’t always agree with each other on the right approach to each aspect of motherhood, we do respect each other’s rights to have those varying viewpoints. As a group, we engage in discussions on motherhood weekly, asking for each other’s perspectives on various things our kids might be going through and we’re all able to offer different views without the fear of someone putting us down because of those differences.

THAT is what we want our entire community to be about. We DO hope that you aren’t able to agree with everything we post, because if that was the case, another mother would feel she couldn’t find herself in any of the perspectives we share. Each post written by these amazing local mamas are just that, perspectives. Their own personal journeys as they walk through motherhood. They each share those journeys in hopes that you might find yourself in their words, and know it’s not just you managing a strong willed child, the loss of a baby, the fact that your little boy climbs everything he comes across, your sleepless nights and the way you’re not sure you’re doing this motherhood thing right at all. And if you don’t agree with one of those posts, we welcome constructive conversation. We can all learn a bit from each other, can’t we?

We have a fabulous veteran team in place, and we plan to keep them all as long as they have words to share, but we’d love to hear from even MORE of the amazing moms of the Twin Cities. If you feel we’re missing an important perspective and would like to submit a guest article, please feel free to submit yours here.

Untitled design (3)In the meantime, when you see an article on our site or our Facebook page that you might not agree with, we hope you remember the ones you did agree with and that moms who walk this journey a bit differently than you may not have resonated with those articles in the same way. We can almost guarantee that there will be an article you read on our page over your coffee in the morning that you disagree with. We aim to serve all moms in all situations – in order to do that, we need lots of perspectives, which means that you won’t always agree with each and every article.

Today begins our Second Birthday Celebration Week! When we launched on January 15th, 2014, our goal was to make sure we were able to support as many mothers as possible, and we hope we’ve done just that. We are humbled by the growth we’ve seen over just two short years and how often we hear that one of you has been touched by an article we’ve posted. We’d love to keep up with you, so please follow along with us on all of our platforms. Find them all below:

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