When Mommy Takes a Break… At Home

When Mommy Takes a Break... At Home | Twin Cities Moms Blog

I’m sitting here. On my “break.”

Ears perked, peeking at the clock, glancing at my list of things I very seriously plan to accomplish while alone…

Workout, clean the whole house, read a book, make a scarf, call an old friend, replicate a popular Pinterest craft, take a nap, take a bubble bath, (you know) all the stuff I can really get done while on a break… at home. 

All of this while I wait for an interruption before “clocking” back in.

P.S. My list remains stagnant with zero pretty little check marks. And I seriously/jokingly think… if only I could’ve read a book about making a scarf while run-cleaning the house and end my break completing a scarf/Pinterest craft in the bath while chatting it up with said friend on the phone.

This is just not a “break.”

Ok, so I have a confession. This is really how my breaks start out at times. Some sort of unrealistic super power comes over me.

I’M FREE, and I can do anything!

Then a few short glorious minutes later, reality sets in and I kind of just want to lay on the floor (ok, I guess it depends on the day).

It’s not that I don’t have the option to leave my house. I just like being in my house with no parenting responsibilities and ultra comfy clothes (the ones you just don’t go anywhere else in). In all honesty, I’d like to re-term this break as a “pause” or a “fly enjoying her time on the wall for a bit before she gets swatted at.”

It’s almost like living a double life when I take a little break away from my kiddos… while I’m at home. Hubby takes over and I hide in another room that I wish was padded and soundproofed so I couldn’t hear the world and the world couldn’t hear me. I mean, sometimes I just want to blast my own tunes and sing loudly out of key (while I knit my mile long afghan of course) without worrying that a child will wake or come join me on my “break.” But in reality all.I.do.is.listen… Not actively, but I hear it all. Houses were definitely not built for “parent breaks.” Not enough insulation for that.

  • The tantrums: thankfully I don’t have to deal with that.
  • The giggles: but what are they giggling about? I bet it’s cute! Oh, I want to see this! (then I see big eyes and tiny fingers opening the door I’m behind… and I attempt to hide).
  • The silence: wait, why don’t I hear anything?
  • The screams: ok, I’m leaving, or getting wine and then pouring a glass for my hubby because he totally deserves it.
  • The bedtime chat and singing: why in the world am I missing this? My heart hurts.

Break – over.

So, conclusion: Leave the house if you NEED A BREAK!


Seriously, just leave – they’ll do it all over again tomorrow and you won’t miss a beat.

Enjoy some real silence because you deserve it!

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