Why Being Pregnant in the Summer is Surprisingly Awesome

Why Being Pregnant in the Summer is Surprisingly Awesome | Twin Cities Moms Blog

When I tell people I’m due in late August, I see the shock and pity in their eyes. Seriously, you’d think I’d just told them I was having a baby on Christmas or something (oops – did that, too).

I get that being pregnant – really pregnant – in the heart of the summer has its challenges (sweating, swelling, chafing, swearing…do I really need to list these out?). But I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find it also has some definite perks.

Stuff’s more casual. Luckily I don’t need to don a suit at work every day anyway, but I work in a business casual office where many days of the year I’m at least sporting a blazer. But office or not, things just lighten up a bit in the summer – so it’s extra-easy to wear the stuff that feels good (flowy tops, maxi dresses, sandals) and is more socially acceptable to rock a slight sweaty glow.

Bikini-bod pressure? Hahaha. I’m growing a human — otherwise the svelte summer physique of my dreams would definitely happen (wink). But yeah, I might stuff my body into a bikini anyway…because it’s the only thing that fits. People are so distracted by a giant belly sticking out of a bikini, they forget to look at all the imperfections. That’s my strategy, and I’m sticking with it.

Related: postpartum bod in GIANT SWEATER SEASON. <insert all the praise hands here>

Adventures are easy to come by. As your belly grows and your travel radius starts to shrink, you have so many options for fun stuff to do near home. Whereas in the winter I tend to get antsy to leave the house, in the summer I’m happy to throw the doors and windows open, dump the buckets of outside toys into the yard, mix myself a mocktail and pretend I’m in a tropical land.

Baby + fall. You get to have a BABY in the BEST SEASON of the year IMHO. Being outside is easy and not sweaty. Fall walks are perfect. Baby layers are the most adorable. Mom layers are the most comfortable. And you can snuggle up under a blanket at night. Perfection, seriously.

Two words: ice cream. Need I say more?

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