Why You Should Consider Grocery Delivery

Why You Should Consider Grocery Delivery | Twin Cities Moms Blog

You know how it goes, friends.  You’re either lugging the kids, the carseats and the list that is never achieved when they are with you…or you’re rushed as all heck on your way home from work to grab a few things for the week.  It can feel disheveled.  Unorganized.  And never ending.  I’m a total planner when it comes to meals.  I do my weekly meal plan on Saturdays and then typically run out on Sundays to get everything I need for the week while my husband stays home and hangs out with the kids.  I love feeling organized, that I can concentrate on getting everything on my list and not have to worry about keeping my little ones happy in the cart.  And while it is quite the luxury to get to the market all by myself, I can’t help but think what other things I could be doing during that precious alone time.  Maybe treating myself to a manicure.  Getting a workout or a run in.  Sitting at the neighborhood coffee shop…alone…doing absolutely nothing.  Or better yet, meeting a friend for a quick convo over a cup of tea.

I’ve obviously heard of this whole grocery delivery deal.  In fact, I have friends who swear by it.  I have thought about doing it several times but I chicken out for the most ridiculous reasons:  (1) Cost and (2) I am worried I am not going to get the quality of produce through ordering over the internet that I do when I can hand select it in person.  And after trying CobornsDelivers for the first time, I can tell you (1) My assumptions on this service being more expensive than my typical weekly trips were so very inappropriate and (2) I have lost my confidence at being an expert produce chooser 😉

I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to experience the CobornsDelivery services and let me tell you, it was a huge treat.  I’m now looking back and wishing I would have used this more in the past, especially when my son was first born.  The luxury of taking your time and carefully choosing your groceries on your computer right in the comfort of your own home is something I could definitely get used to.  There are tens of thousands of products to browse, great bargains to shop and so many wonderful brands to choose from. And the fact that a friendly face brought them to my door and put them in my home?  I mean seriously. Convenience at its best.

The cost is no longer an issue with me.  They have amazing sales and offer generic brands.  It positively was more cost effective than my local market up the road.  I was shocked.

Why You Should Consider Grocery Delivery | Twin Cities Moms Blog

And the produce?  This is the biggie for me.  I want to see what I’m buying so I know it looks good and is of great quality.  And with the things I ordered, I couldn’t have chosen better in person.  The apples were the best apples I think I have ever eaten.  The herbs and veggies were fresh and beautifully cared for, I could tell. And on top of it all, the amount of organic products they have available is amazing; and that goes for all products, not just produce.

Why You Should Consider Grocery Delivery | Twin Cities Moms Blog

What a great experience this was.  I can say I will definitely be using it again in the future.  It saved me time, saved me money because I wasn’t impulse buying and it just made life so much easier in general.  With a few clicks on the computer, I was able to get everything I needed for the week…my meal plan was fulfilled and achieved, my wallet did not suffer AND I had time for tea with a friend.  Winning!

We absolutely love partnering with Coborn’sDelivers (available in both the Twin Cities and St. Cloud areas) to let you know all about how to make your #momlife a bit easier!  Find CobornsDelivers online, and on online, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

8 Responses to Why You Should Consider Grocery Delivery

  1. Stephanie June 16, 2015 at 7:06 AM #

    With baby number three coming, I’m excited to try this service out!

  2. Emily K June 16, 2015 at 7:08 AM #

    would love to try this!

  3. Kim H June 16, 2015 at 7:51 AM #

    Coborn’s really does have amazing produce, we go there all the time!

  4. Claire June 16, 2015 at 8:50 AM #

    Never even thought about this and going to check them out! I feel like I’m grocery shopping 2-3 times a week and that’s with a meal plan. Ugh! Thanks for the recommendation.

  5. rebekah June 16, 2015 at 9:14 AM #

    My husband Has been Encouraging Me to check this out! Now i think i will! Thanks 🙂

  6. Malisa June 16, 2015 at 10:48 AM #

    I’ve been considering this after hearing some rave reviews and have baby #2 on the way this summer. I was concerned about the cost, but it seems like that is a non-issue!

  7. Joni Ness June 16, 2015 at 2:44 PM #

    Coborns Delivers would be a game changer!

  8. Kris June 19, 2015 at 12:58 PM #

    Need to check this out with #2 coming!

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